Someone close to me has hearing loss

It can be difficult seeing someone close to you lose their hearing. They can become defensive or upset because they are dealing with the life changing consequences of hearing loss. Even starting a conversation about hearing loss isn’t always easy. There can be a reluctance to get help placing additional stress on friends, family and coworkers. Apart from being frustrating, hearing loss can have more serious health consequences that deteriorate the longer it is left untreated.

HearSpace provides resources and advice on how to help someone close to you understand and acknowledge their hearing loss. To start a conversation, check out our service directory, quick links or use our live chat function to chat to a member of our team.

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Keith & Lee - Gogglebox

Lee: “I hate to say this but he’s like most males, he won’t go to the doctors or do anything like that. I get really worried if he’s sick or something like that. I just make the appointment. I say “You’re getting in the car and going down there and that’s all there is to it!””

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