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Hearing loss is a condition that affects over three million Australians or one in every six people. If your hearing isn’t what it used to be or someone close to you is having trouble with their hearing, we’re here to help. HearSpace is a place that connects you with services, resources and information to empower you to lead a better quality of life with hearing loss. From the closest place to get your hearing tested to communication tips for the workplace – HearSpace has you covered.

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I think I have a hearing problem

Have you put off getting your hearing checked because you’re unsure of the signs?

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Do you want access to tips, services and resources to live a better life with hearing loss?

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Someone close to me has hearing loss

Are you looking for simple ways to help someone you care about on their hearing loss journey?

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Hearing is our most important sense when it comes to communication helping us feel more connected to our world. When we experience hearing loss it can make us feel isolated and alone. Yet there are many ways to be proactive from simple communication steps to getting the best advice and treatment. HearSpace has been designed by people experiencing hearing loss for people with hearing loss, to ensure the services and resources are relevant to everyday life.

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“Hearing loss is far more common than people think. In many ways it can be considered almost an invisible disability.”

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How much is your hearing loss really costing you?

| Audiology, Deafness, Hard of Hearing, Hearing Loss, Home-Page | No Comments
The consequences of hearing loss can be frustrating: missing conversations, not being able to hear your favourite music or not being able to eat at a noisy restaurant. But have you ever wondered what it’s costing Australians in…
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Orchestras and hearing loss

| Hard of Hearing, Hearing Loss, Home-Page, Work | No Comments
When you think of occupations that cause hearing damage, what comes to mind? Manufacturing? Construction? Mining? With half of all workers compensation claims coming from manufacturing and construction, it is perhaps unsurprising that these are dangerous industries for…
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Meow! What can deafness in cats teach us?

| Audiology, Deafness, Hearing Loss, Home-Page | No Comments
Since being domesticated in the middle east about 10,000 years ago, cats have been a favourite pet of humans. Originally used to control rats and snakes, they soon became revered as companion animals. In ancient Egypt, cats were…
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