Your Best Home Life With Hearing Loss

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Your Best Home Life With Hearing Loss

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Communicating with those close to you when you have hearing loss can be challenging at first. However, with a few adjustments you can make talking to your family and friends easier.

Have a look at the tips below to make communication easier today!

  • The most important step is to be patient. Changing how you communicate in the home will take time.
  • Maintain eye contact when talking.
  • Being face-to-face will make communication easier. Avoid conversing from other rooms, if possible
  • Ask people to write down or rephrase things if you are having difficulty understanding.
  • Ask people to speak clearly, naturally and a little slower than usual.
  • Try to communicate in rooms free of audio and visual distractions.
  • Encourage your family and friends to practice turn taking, particularly in large groups. It can take a little getting used to but speaking one at a time can make things a lot easier and it’s really just good manners.
  • Tell others what you need. Most people, especially family and friends, are willing to help if you let them know what you need. Let them know the best way to communicate with you. For example “Renee, are you able to face me when we talk? It makes it much easier for me to understand you” or “Can you stand on my left-side when you talk to me, I hear better from that ear”.

The tips above are a great place to start if you are having trouble communicating in the home. If you haven’t already, consider visiting your GP to discuss your hearing loss.

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