How to Improve Communication Today

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How to Improve Communication Today

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If someone close to you is having trouble hearing it can be frustrating trying to communicate with them. You may find yourself repeating things, speaking loudly or even communicating less with the person.

There are steps you can take in the short term to make communication easier for yourself and the person who may be having trouble hearing. Take steps today to take some of the strain out of communication.

Immediate steps you can take to improve communication

  • When talking, ensure that you are making eye contact.
  • Get the other person’s attention before you speak – tap them on the shoulder or make eye contact.
  • Keep your hands away from your face. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while you’re talking.
  • Be prepared to write things down if necessary.
  • Rephrase if the other person is having trouble understanding you.
  • Speak clearly, slowly and naturally, avoid yelling.
  • Communicate in an environment that is free of distractions.This includes background noise and visual distractions.
  • Be patient.
  • Practice turn-taking. Don’t speak over other people.

Next steps

The steps above are a great starting point for clear communication for someone who might be suffering from hearing loss. It is important to remember that if left untreated, hearing loss can become more serious.

If you suspect someone close to you has hearing loss you should try to encourage them to get help. If you want some tips on how to start this conversation have a look at our factsheet on how to start a conversation about hearing loss.

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