Early Signs of Hearing Loss

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Early Signs of Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss can be tricky to pick up – particularly since it often happens gradually. As with many other medical conditions, early detection generally means much better outcomes in the long term.

HearSpace has compiled a checklist that will help you to recognise the signs of hearing loss in yourself or someone close to you. If you have any of the signs below, check out our “next steps” to see what you can do.

Signs of hearing Loss

Please remember that the following signs may not be exhaustive – everyone’s hearing is different and symptoms may present differently in different people and situations. Please read on to see some of the typical signs that your hearing may be getting worse.

  • Trouble following conversations (particularly in noisy environments such as restaurants)
  • Listening to TV’s, radios or other devices at an increased level
  • Regularly asking people to repeat themselves
  • A ringing, buzzing or pain in the ears
  • Exhaustion after conversing in social settings
  • The perception that people are mumbling when they speak
  • A reduced ability to hear higher frequencies (e.g. the voices of women and children)
  • Not being able to hear the doorbell or a ringing telephone

Next steps

If your hearing loss is sudden it is essential that you seek immediate medical attention. If you think that hearing loss has come on more slowly, you may want to consider visiting your GP or finding an audiologist.

There are hearing tests available online or over the phone, although many experts believe that these are not an accurate way to measure hearing levels.

Remember that the earlier you see a medical professional, the better your hearing outcomes are likely to be – so don’t delay!

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