Auslan – A Handy Alternative

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Auslan – A Handy Alternative

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Australian Sign Language (Auslan) is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community. It uses its own unique signs, grammar and expressions.

Many people think that Auslan is exclusively for Deaf people, but this is not true! More and more people who are hard of hearing are learning Auslan to have another way to communicate. Think of it as another tool in your communication toolbox.

Another misconception about Auslan is that it’s difficult to learn. Obviously, learning any new language can take years to master, but it is also easy to get started. Check out some basic Auslan below:

If you can sign the phrases above you’re already on your way to learning Auslan! Auslan is a fascinating language and users are usually keen to help you learn new signs and phrases.

Ready to Learn more?

Check out the links below to find Auslan courses near you and some other great online resources.

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